How to Draw Burn, Turbo

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STEP 1. Draw the two circles for the head and body. You will then draw two smaller circles for the eyes.   STEP 2. Up next, draw the body and head all in one. When that is done you can draw the stems for the eyes, then define the shapes for the eyeballs.   STEP 3. You will now draw the eyelids which are closing in, as well as her lashes. Next, color in the pupils, then draw in her pretty smiling lips. As you can see she has a female style lip.   STEP 4. We will start this step by drawing the shell, then draw the top part of the shell which seems to stand up a bit.   STEP 5. Continue with drawing the shell by adding the base. As you can see Ms. Burn has quite an exhaust system on her shell. Draw in the turbo exhausts, and then add some decorating to her shell in the form of flames.   STEP 6. Like some of the other snail racers Burn also has a spoiler fin on the back end. Draw that in as well and when you're done, erase the mistakes.   STEP 7. Here she is all cleaned up and sitting pretty. I hope you enjoyed drawing Burn.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.