How To Draw Daddy Yankee, Daddy Yankee

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STEP 1. Before you even begin to draw a caricature, it is always best to study who it is you want to draw. If you don't know what the person looks like, it will make it even more complicated to try and draw them. This is where you should try to find the key features that make the character who they are. As a demonstration, I have listed a few key features that makes Daddy Yankee recognizable to his fans. Firstly, his ears have a very odd shape to them.Take a look st how they are almost elf-like. Secondly, we'll look at his smile. In every photo he seems to have a very sly smile. The third feature compliments the second because his smile creates dimples. Take a look at the proportions of the face and imagine the dimples to help you recognize the placement. Lastly is his sunglasses. In every photo he is wearing an aviator style pair of sunglasses Now with these key features we can figure out what we can exaggerate. Next would be recognizing the proportions of his face. His face is very long and his chin seems to expand out towards the bottom. Always study a reference of the person you want to do a caricature of.   STEP 2. This is what I call the sketching stage. I tend to do a very quick sketch just to get my idea down as quick as possible. One thing I like to do is examine the person I want to draw for about two minutes before I sketch and then try to sketch from memory. I'll look up from time to time to help me out if I get stuck. This part should only take a minute or two.   STEP 3. To find the center proportion of the face, I like to begin my drawing with the nose. I personally work my way up when drawing the nose. Nostrils to septum, moving on to the Ala ( wings of the nose), and then finished with the apex.   STEP 4. Next, I add the sunglasses. I used a couple of reference photos of sunglasses to help me a little more with drawing them correctly.   STEP 5. Next, I draw his sly-smile. At this point I regularly checked the reference help me get it correctly. After completing the lips, I added the teeth. Up next was adding in the chin. I chose to exaggerate his chin a bit because as I mentioned before, it grows larger and would be a great feature to add to.   STEP 6. Next, I draw on his big jaw. For the best resemblance, I continued looking at his reference photo. One thing that helps me is going from bottom to top with the lines here. Start at the chin and work the line up towards the eyes.   STEP 7. This is where I add a couple of small details; such as his dimples, the detail in his chin, and also his little signature mole that rests right below one of his dimples.   STEP 8. Now I add his elf like ears. Follow the lines on the outside of his ears to help you understand the feature more. I noticed the odd shape of his ears at this point, but anything odd on a face is a great thing for a caricature artist to exaggerate on.   STEP 9. Honestly, he wasn't wearing a hat in the reference but I decided to add one anyways to compensate for his lack of character. I looked at a couple references for hats to help me here also. NOTE: Always find the correct proportion for the hat. It may be tricky but try to imagine the hat from the top first and then starting on the visor. Always make sure the shape is correct.   STEP 10. Next I add the neck, the top part of his shoulders and his body just to add some effect to the caricature.   STEP 11. And that is the whole kit and ka-boodle. Hope you enjoyed this and learned something.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11.