How to Draw Cat Eyes

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STEP 1. Sketching this is pretty straight forward , nothing very complex , just use follow the guide lines . The flicks on my tablet aren't very helpful , they don't let you draw smooth lines, and I don't know how to get rid of them .   STEP 2. Your sketch should look like this , nothing very complex .   STEP 3. Cat eyes, when you look at them from the right angle, look like glass , the reflections are very visible, also distorted , because eyes are spherical. First we need to outline the areas which will remain white . Personally , I prefer this method, because I avoid using erasers , erasing damages the paper , and the area won't be perfectly white. Even though it's more time consuming , it's worth it .   STEP 4. Now a bit of shading on the lower area. Notice how it's curved ? That's actually a table surface, but reflected in the cats eye , it's curved and stretches towards the center, like in a black whole .Use sharp pencils because you want detail .   STEP 5. Now shade the upper side and a bit of the center . I used Q Tips to make the shading smoother .Also, the little lines around the pupil , those are very important , so make sure not to forget them .   STEP 6. Finish with some darker shading and some additional details .   STEP 7. Follow the same steps for the second eyes . Well not the exact same steps, as you can see the details are different, but it's really the same thing. it's only a matter of positioning. The eyes don't need to look the same.   STEP 8. The following steps are optional . You can end here and just make a black background around the eyes, it will look great. But if you want to make fur , be my guest, I'll show you a few helpful ( hopefully ) steps .First make some guide lines to know in which direction the hair is growing. These guide lines are ESSENTIAL !   STEP 9. If you're new to drawing fur , please look at my last tutorial on the kitty , I have a mini tutorial on fur,-cute-kitten.htm . As you noticed I started drawing the fur starting from the eye on the left . I'm right handed, if you're left handed, starting drawing from the eye on the right. You don't want your hand smudging the fur you just drew .   STEP 10. Finish the left side, then move on the the forehead .   STEP 11. Those weird triangle things I made indicated where the black fur would be , it's important to follow them .   STEP 12. I believe you are done . If you're reading this before attempting the tutorial, please note that it took me a lot of time to make this, so don't feel down if two hours have passed and you haven't done much . As I always say , don't rush, take your time, it's not a problem if you don't finish your drawing today, or tomorrow , or this week . Draw whenever you feel like doing it ,rush and frustration will make your drawing look undesirable .I hope you find this tutorial helpful . Until next time , bye !   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12.