How To Draw Michael Jordan

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STEP 1. Since we'll be drawing a full body shot Jordan, we should first get a good look at his face so we know what he looks like. Here's a quick sketch of Jordan's face.   STEP 2. To draw Michael Jordan, we should first sketch in some basic guide line. Using a 2H or harder pencil, lightly sketch in a stick figure shape such as this one. These lines do not have to be perfect, since they will be erased later on. He should be jumping off the ground, about to make a slam dunk. His legs should be brought up, and his right arm should be extended upwards.   STEP 3. Let's expand upon the guide lines by drawing the basic construction shapes of the figure. You do not need to include details such as facial feature or fingers, but do draw the dividing lines of the face. MJ is a super tall basketball player, so he should be very thin but also muscular. Also draw a circle in his right hand for the basketball.   STEP 4. Now that the guide lines are in place, we should start with drawing his face. Use your guide lines to help place the eye, nose, and mouth. It's a side view, so we'll only be able to see one eye, and don't forget to draw the eyebrow. To make things more interesting, draw his mouth wide open as if he's yelling. The lower lip should hang low over the top of the chin.   STEP 5. Next, draw the contours of his head and jaw. He has a shaved head so it should be perfect smooth and rounded. Also draw the ear which, at this angle, should be roughly in line with the nose. Since the mouth is wide open, it's causing a lot of the flesh on the skin to bunch up beneath the jaw, so his jaw will not look very defined in this case. Just a short curved line behind the chin will suffice.   STEP 6. Draw his neck. The back of the neck should be directly in line with his ear, and the front of his neck should be in line with his eye. Notice how the lines of the neck are not straight up and down, but they curve back slightly. Draw thick, diagonal neck muscles inside the neck.   STEP 7. It's best to draw his left arm prior to his torso. It should be perfectly straight, but pointing downward at an angle. He should have a very large shoulder muscle. The rest of his arm muscles should be well defined, but not huge. Think lean. Also draw a thick armband around the upper forearm.   STEP 8. Draw his left hand. The fingers should be pressed together and the hand should be pointing downwards. We should not see the thumb from this angle.   STEP 9. Now we can go back and draw the torso. Basketball players wear loose, sleeveless jerseys. Have the flap of the left shoulder flipped back in the wind a back a bit so as to give the image movement. Draw a diagonal line across the waist for the top of the waistband. The shirt should have numerous short, vertical creases and wrinkles above the waist.   STEP 10. Draw the right arm bent upwards at a 90 degree angle. Remember, when drawing his muscles, think lean. Most of his hand will be covered by a basketball, but we should be able to see his thumb pointing in our direction.   STEP 11. Draw the basketball in his right hand. It should be slightly larger than his head. If you have one, use a compass or circular ellipse tool to help you. A basketball is made in sections, creating a pattern similar to a baseball. Take a close look at the way the lines curve through each other.   STEP 12. Go back to the body and draw the shorts. They, too, should be loose and baggy, ending just above the knees. Draw plenty of creases in the fabric. Also draw a V shaped cutout along the bottom edge. Draw the waistband around his waist, which should be a few inches thick.   STEP 13. Draw the left leg first. It should be bent back, trailing behind the body. Draw a large leg band wrapped around the calve of the leg, as well as a curved line above the ankle for the edge of the sock.   STEP 14. He should be wearing low top sneakers with a thick sole on the heel for shock absorption. You don't need to put a lot of detail into the shoe, since it will mostly be blacked out after we ink.   STEP 15. Draw the visible portion of the right leg. Notice how the foot does not trail as far back as the left foot. Be sure to draw the toe of the shoe below the ankle of the left leg.   STEP 16. As a final step in the penciling process, draw the trim and emblems on his uniform. He should have trim encircling each opening of the uniform, as well as around the waistband. Draw a diamond shape at the bottom of the shorts with the small Bulls logo inside the diamond. A few letters of the words "Bulls" should be visible on the front of his shirt, as well as a sliver of the number "23" on the back of the shirt.   STEP 17. Now that we are done penciling the image, we can ink it using a Micron marker or a brush and India ink. Carefully go over each line with patience and be sure not to accidentally ink any unneeded guide lines. If you have one, use a circular ellipse tool to help ink the ball. When the ink is dry, erase your pencil marks with a kneaded eraser.   STEP 18. You can add more depth to the image by giving it shadow. Establish your light source and use black ink or a fat tipped black marker to shade the underside of the face, arms, and some of the folds on the uniform. Don't add too much shadow, since basketball courts are always very well lit places. But do take the time to black out the arm and leg bands, as well as his shoes.   STEP 19. If you need to make any corrections, use white ink or opaque white paint. You can also use it to add highlights if needed. And that’s how you draw MJ! Slam dunk, my friends!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15. Step 16. Step 17. Step 18. Step 19.