How to Draw Chibi Demon Wings

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STEP 1. Since there are two wings, we will divide the step into two parts. The top wings will be "a", while the bottom wings will be "b". a. Start be drawing the top of your wings. You're going to want to make a curve going up and then another curve going down. b. Instead of making these wings arch up, they will branch out to the sides and be longer in length. Start with a small but exaggerated curve and once you get to the top draw another (slight) curve going out.   STEP 2. a. Make a soft curve for each wing. b. Since these wings will be more jagged, we're going to draw curved spikes, think of how dragon teeth would look.   STEP 3. a. For these wings were going to draw a stretched out V-shaped. Make sure it connects to the point of the wing that we began with. b.Draw a cursive V and let the end part curve up and extend.   STEP 4. In this step we do the final touches to our wings. In this step you'll want to fix up any misperfections before you move on to outlining and coloring. We also draw the inner details of the wings to show the bone structure.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.