How to Draw Toadsworth

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STEP 1. Draw the circle for the head and the mushroom like stem for the guide of the body.   STEP 2. Define the shape of Toadsworth face like so, then draw the lid line for his mushroom cap.   STEP 3. Next, draw or color in the eyes, small eyeglasses, and then his thick wavy mustache.   STEP 4. You will now draw the huge mushroom cap for his head and or hat, then draw the spots.   STEP 5. Here we will tackle the task of getting the body drawn out. Start with the shoulders and arms, then draw the small hands. You will then draw the vest that Toadsworth wears along with the bowtie.   STEP 6. To finish Toadsworth off all you have to do is make the shape for the rest of his body, then draw the feet or shoes. Add the button up vest under the open vest, then draw the detailing which adds style to his clothes.   STEP 7. Here is the last drawing step. All you have to do is draw in the mushroom capped cane, and his fingers that wrap around the shaft of the cane. Erase the mistakes and you're done.   STEP 8. Now Toadsworth is ready to color in. I do hope you enjoyed drawing this Mario character.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.