How to Draw Lips for Beginners

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STEP 1. The most important part about drawing lips, is the amount of detail and definition that their drawn with. The less defined is the most easiest to draw. The longer the lips are drawn, the more masculine they will appear. The moderately defined lips is a style that is often seen in Bleach or Cowboy Beepbop. The last is used usually in mangas and animes for extremely feminine or seductive villains.   STEP 2. I see that artist's have problems drawing the lips from a profile view. Whenever there's a 'point' at the edges of the lips or a 'turning point edge', the lip detail lines will close the shape of the lips. Now, usually, you don't see these style of lips in animes, especially this defined. The wrong way of drawing them, is drawing the lip defining lines above the ridges of the lips.   STEP 3. The curves of the lips should NOT be drawn with close -protruding upper lip edges. This will not only look unrealistic, but awkward too. The correct way to draw them is a slight dip in the 'cupid's bow', creating a natural appearance.   STEP 4. Here's just a few of the many styles you can draw anime lips. If you want to get ideas on a wider variety, reference the art styles of your favorite artists, or references from actual photos. Experiment and practice are the keys to a success growth!   STEP 5. Start off by drawing a semi wavy line across your canvas. This is going to be the lip line that separates the top from the bottom.   STEP 6. Next, draw in the top lip. Notice the plump heart shape for the top lip formation.   STEP 7. Next, draw in another part of the mouth which will act as the teeth for the smiling mouth.   STEP 8. Lastly, draw the bottom shape for your mouth which is also called the bottom lip. If you made mistakes you will erase them now.   STEP 9. When all is said and done, your mouth drawing should look like the lips you see here.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.