How to Draw a Zebra Head

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STEP 1. Start by making a circle for the head and then sketch out the shape for the snout. You will then add a head guide.   STEP 2. Next, use the guidelines to sketch out the snout of the zebra's muzzle like so, then add the mouth line.   STEP 3. Sketch out the bottom part of the mouth, then draw the jaw line like so. As you can see the jaw structure is a lot like the horse. Sketch out the large ear, and proceed to step four.   STEP 4. Here you will begin drawing out the eye and eyelid. Sketch in the lashes to the other eye which is not seen, then sketch in the nostril holes. Add detailing or definition on the side of the face, then add detailing inside the ear.   STEP 5. You will now draw the spiky mane for the zebra's hair, then draw the other ear. Add detailing where needed.   STEP 6. Almost done people. Now all you have to do here is sketch out the thick stubby looking neck, then sketch in the rest of the rough mane. Add the detailing on the neck like so.   STEP 7. For the last drawing step draw the zebra stripes like so, and then color them in. Notice how some stripes are thicker than others. Erase your mistakes then you are done.   STEP 8. Here is your zebra head when finished. Now you can color in the great plains animal.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.