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STEP 1. Start with two simple shapes, one is for the hole for the G, and the other is the center hole for the A.   STEP 2. Draw around the hole to make the lower case G. The lining should be super simple because you are making a series of lines to draw the first letter. Like I said, you can use a ruler if you like. When the G is done, draw in the lower case A. The A has some rounded parts but for the most part it's all straight lined as well.   STEP 3. Lastly, you will draw in the T also in lower case style. Notice how the T is lined up with the A and not the G. Perfect the letters, then erase the mistakes you might have made.   STEP 4. And that is all she wrote folks. You are done with drawing GTA, now add some thick black lining around the letters to really finish things off.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.