How to Draw a Cyber Girl

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STEP 1. You will start off by making two shapes, one for the face and the other for the head. The face is still in the process of being complete so you will be making a mask like look.   STEP 2. Carefully sketch out the shape of the face which should be drawn in a 3/4 view. The nose is subtle but present, and the lining on the forehead near the temple should still be without a textured surface like there is with her face.   STEP 3. The first thing to do here is make the seam lines to form the shapes of each piece of thin metal that forms the face of the cyber girl. There should also be rivet holes down the cheeks and side of the face near the edge. Once that task is complete you can draw in the hollow eyes, and the closed lips. Add some shading to form a nostril hole, then sketch in the stains the drip from the seam lines on the face.   STEP 4. You will now take your time as you work on the gadgets and gears that fills this cyber girl's head. You can add your own personal hardware, but for me I wanted the lesson to be a detailed challenge.   STEP 5. Add some wiring attached to the small circle in the back of the head, then draw in a valve line. You can now draw in more metal plates to form the front of the neck like so, then once again add the seams and rivets.   STEP 6. Cyber people get fed all their programming through wires and other super computers. That is what you will be drawing in this step. The large tubes that are still attached to the back of the head should be sketched in like so. Add more tubes and mechanical parts like you see here, then proceed to step seven.   STEP 7. Instead of tubes you will be drawing small wires which is how power is streams through the cyber girl. Once the wires are drawn in, you can carefully sketch out the back of the neck in a very fine layered manner. Add the shading between each strip like so, then you can tackle step eight.   STEP 8. For the last step you will first erase the guidelines that you started off with in step one because you have a lot of small parts, tubes, wires and shading to complete on this step. Once every thing is detailed, you can shade in all the darkened areas you see in this step.   STEP 9. Here is the completed drawing of a cyber girl when finished. I know the task at hand was a challenge but I know you did great.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.