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STEP 1. *Sings* lets get down to buisness!... Okay we're not gonna be defeating any huns, but hopefully we'll be getting a pretty good drawing out of this, so that's close enough. Guidelines. The hexagon isn't necessary at all, I'm just going to use it in the next step to explain the petal positioning of the flower. Draw it if you like, but it's the other ones that will really be helpful.   STEP 2. Okay so, flower. As you can see, the petals aren't in perfect alignment with the corners of the hexagon. There are three petals which sit in the corners and three that don't. Not really much else to say aside from have a fiddle around, until you've got it looking the way you want it. This is art, and so if you want all the petals perfectly uniform, go for it! it really is up to you.   STEP 3. We'll get to more exciting things soon, I promise, but first is the leaves. Yaaay. I know, I know, just go with it, kay? Note how the bigger leaf almost touches the corners of both the petals it's stemming from.   STEP 4. Is anyone else seeing a bit of a hedgehog here? A very cute, not very spiky hedgehog. So this is the fur/grass type stuff that the shaymin's top half is covered with. Note how the parting is just a little off centred, towards the back of the little cutie-pie. Follow your guideline! it's there for a reason!! Also, don't go overboard with the spiky-ness or lengths of the tufts.   STEP 5. Now it's time to put in the shape of the head. And the way you'll know this fella isn't hard to draw is because this is the hardest step. If you get this bit down, you're sorted. If you are finding it a bit tricky (perfectly understandable), look at the shapes made between the green lines and the grey guidelines, and try to mimic it that way.   STEP 6. Okay now for some little details. The position of the nose lies across our guideline, and the eyes come just above the dip in the head structure. Don't forget spots and the flower behind it!   STEP 7. Finally, draw some legs and the adjoining line between them. The legs are short and stubby :3 They are also subtly fatter at the top than at the feet.   STEP 8. Job well done! If that's all you came for, then excellent, I hope your Shaymin looks adorable :3 Please leave me a comment, I do love feedback! If you want to have a little peek at the extra two steps that explain the processes of poses for Shaymin, stick around, then share your thoughts! Stormy x   STEP 9. Shaymin is a lovely, easy, hedgehog-y pokemon to draw, and the guidelines can be drawn in pretty much any pose. If you think of the oval as the position of the body, and the triangle (which becomes a circle in face-on poses) as the position of the head,then you can do anything! here, I have taken all of ten seconds to sketch the guidelines. They don't have to be perfect.   STEP 10. ...And in this picture I have roughly sketched over a quick outline of Shaymin in different poses. If I were doing this properly, I would then go on to clean up all the lines and colour it, but this is just for demonstrative purposes. Try using the oval/triangle guidelines to make your Shaymin more animated! Peace out!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10.