How to Draw and Color Dragon Eyes

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STEP 1. So here I've included some of the many types of eyes you can give your dragon. The eyes are one of the most important things in drawing dragons, as it expresses their character and personality. An evil dragon may have the narrow slit eye, or the black, mysterious eye. A Zombie dragon or an old, blind dragon might have the blank white undead looking eye.or a wise, intelligent or gentle dragon would probably have a softer looking human-like eye. feel free to enlarge the image to get a better look.   STEP 2. So here I chose the four most popular dragon eye colors, and painted each on an eye. I included the three colours I used for each one, as well as their Photoshop numbers so you may record them somewhere to use later on.   STEP 3. In this demonstration, I show you how I coloured the eyes in the previous picture. Start with the darkest colour I included in the colour palette, and paint it mainly under the eyelid and around the pupil. Then, use the midtone, which is the next lightest colour, and paint into mainly the white part around the bottom we left from the last step, and blend slightly into the darkest part. Then, take the lightest part, and just give a small highlight along the bottom of the iris. And there you go! A coloured eye! Now all you have to do is use the same technique to colour the rest of the eyelid and dragon.   STEP 4. Now lets move on to the main lesson. Start by drawing the main outline of the eye and the folds in the eyelid. Decide what kind of pupil you want now and colour it in, or leave it if you chose all black, or undead/blind.   STEP 5. Start shading in the eyelids, shading darker where the folds are and lighter where it pops out. shade in the whites of the eye as well, keeping it light so you can tell it's white.   STEP 6. Alright, in this last step, shade in the iris. make it darkest under the eyelid, and lightest under the pupil, keeping with the curve of the eye. make sure you blend well. And now you're done! Now you can paint, colour, or just leave it as it is! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.