How to Draw Chesnaught

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STEP 1. Make one medium sized circle then draw a smaller one attached to the larger one for the head.   STEP 2. Define the shape of the head, then sketch in the marking line down the side of the face.   STEP 3. Continue to draw out the face and head. The neck line should be frilled like you see here in a flower like manner, then draw the face in. Add the marking on the forehead.   STEP 4. As you know Chesnaught is a very heavily armored species and has very massive limbs. Draw the torso and then follow up by drawing the very large arm. The arm touches the ground and then draw the chunks of shapes under the neck frills.   STEP 5. As you can see all you will do is draw out the other arm, and add the two spines or spikes on the one arm.   STEP 6. Draw the back leg, foot and then the point of the tail. Make sure the toes are capped with large long nails.   STEP 7. Sketch out the rest of the torso shape as far as the underbelly goes, then draw in the other leg and foot but you will only see the heel of the foot.   STEP 8. You will now draw out the large chestnut shaped shell of a back. Draw a spike, and then sketch in the embossed lines that are part of Chesnaught's armor design.   STEP 9. For the last step simply draw in some thumbs, add some stripes on the legs, then draw in the three large spines or spikes on the back and two smaller spikes or spines on the arm. Add detailing where needed then erase those mistakes and guides.   STEP 10. Here is the very popular Chesnaught when finished. You can proceed now to color in the Pokemon then show other Pokemon fans that are your friends who you drew.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10.