How to Draw a Wolf

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STEP 1. Make a circle for the head and then make the one facial guideline.   STEP 2. Sketch out the defined lining for the forehead, then sketch in the angled snout of this angry beast. Don't forget to draw the nose and the crease lines that define the brow.   STEP 3. Here you will continue with drawing the wolf's mouth. And if I didn't say it before this is a snarling wolf. Draw the gum line and make sure the indents are in place for the teeth to follow. Sketch in some of the lower mandible shape as well.   STEP 4. Now you can begin drawing the sharp, long teeth for your wolf. The canines are long and shape, and the tongue is also defined inside the mouth. Draw in more of the mouth shape to the left, then proceed to step five.   STEP 5. Finish sketching out the bottom jaw by drawing the rest of the teeth. The tongue also needs the final detailing down the middle of its form. Add definition to the inside of the cheek, then you are done with step five.   STEP 6. I wanted to make the face expressive but easy to replicate. Draw the shape of the eye which is a small round ball, then add the whisker holes on the lip. Slowly sketch in the crinkles on the snout and then draw in the stretched skin on the cheek of the wolf. Don't forget to draw the crinkle at the brow as well.   STEP 7. Step seven is where you will solely work on the ears. Sketch out the pointed ear that are very erect, then inside of the ears is where you will sketch in the long fur. Detail and define the ears and then when you are done you can move along to the last drawing step which is step eight.   STEP 8. You will now sketch out the body, and take your time as you sketch out the wolf's body and then sketch in all of the fur that fills the body. When you are done and you are happy with what you have, you can erase the mistakes.   STEP 9. The line art is what you see here. Color in your wolf and show folks what you have created. I hope you had an awesome time with drawing this angry looking wolf.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.