How to Draw Mega Garchomp

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STEP 1. Guide lines. This guy looks like a raptor at this stage, even though he's kind of a shark thing. *shakes head*   STEP 2. The tip of his nose is shaped like a torpedo missle, so be sure to keep both the top and bottom rounded.   STEP 3. Little torpedoes for ears. How cute. Sharp angle at the back of the head. The face is like a hard shell, and the lower jaw comes out from below that armor plating.   STEP 4. Draw a star shape on the front of the nose (more torpedo styling), and add curves to the ear torpedoes. We can draw in the teeth and some facial details. Yikes. This guy is actually pretty scary looking.   STEP 5. Finish up the tongue and mouth. Then draw the neck and the front strip that runs down the chest and stomach. There are five spikes on each side of this strip. We'll draw the first five spikes as triangles...   STEP 6. ..and the second set as thin diamonds, since we're viewing them from a different angle. Actually, I think they're supposed to be shark teeth. Follow that with big triangles for the shoulders, and draw in some gills on the neck.   STEP 7. He has insect arms, but we'll draw these parts kind of like dog bones... if you see what I mean ;)   STEP 8. The skinny lower arm extends into a scythe-like claw. I've added some bony detail to the original design.   STEP 9. Now draw the main blade of the scythes. I'm actually not good at big curves, so I added some knicks and other details to break up the shape of the blades.   STEP 10. Three spikes on each thigh. Use the same perspective use used on the chest spikes/teeth.   STEP 11. We'll add some detail to the legs by including muscles and hip bones. The stomach wraps down below and turns into the base of the tail.   STEP 12. Here I would suggest drawing the short section of leg below the knee first. Then jump down to the feet. Claws first. Then the rest of the feet. When that's done, connect the feet to the bent leg section. Also add more shark teeth/spikes on the back of each arm.   STEP 13. Use big curves for the tail. This may take trial and error to get the lines to match up. Draw curves toward the end of the tail. Those little notch lines are to add some detail and dimension so the tail doesn't look flat. Notice the tail doesn't connect right to the body. It curves upward to connect to...   STEP 14. ... the shark fin! Pretty cool. There's a notch or two cut from the back of the fin to give it a jagged look. Also add a pair of small fins to the end of the tail.   STEP 15. If you like, you can go back and add more detail to the drawing now. A little shine on the head... some wrinkles around the leg spikes... and some scars and scratches on the shark fin to add some realism.   STEP 16. ....and that's it! These new Mega versions of Pokemon are pretty cool and fun to draw. I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial. Thanks for viewing!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15. Step 16.