How to Draw Anime Legs

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STEP 1. First things first. DO NOT draw your anime legs just as straight lines coming down from the torso. People have hips even if they're a cartoon, just like they have different muscles and knees. Also you can over do it with the legs. Legs make up half of the body, no more, no less.   STEP 2. In anime, girls will have thin and lean legs where as guys will have more muscle and toning to them. They will also be longer and broader.   STEP 3. Now, legs have knees and knees let your legs bend. You can have your leg straight, have it bent just slightly, as if you're just walking. It can be fully bent as if you're springing, or it can be folded up under you as if you are sitting on your legs.   STEP 4. And you can't draw legs without feet. Feet are sort of like hands, as far as bone layout goes. There are two sets of bones, the metatarsals and the tarsals. The meta tarsals make up your heel and your ankle while the tarsals make up the rest of the foot and your toes.   STEP 5. Now for a little bit of practice. We'll start with a base that we can work off of and have one leg straight and the other leg at a slight bend starting at the knee.   STEP 6. We'll start with the lines of one of the thigh.   STEP 7. And then we'll do the same on the other leg, drawing in that thigh as well.   STEP 8. Then we'll draw in the knee and the calf of the first leg.   STEP 9. Then go over to the other leg and do the same there.   STEP 10. We'll give our person some ankles and draw in their feet. See how the ankle sticks out just a little bit in the back, it doesn't come down straight from the leg.   STEP 11. Now for some details since the shape of our legs are complete. We'll put some shoes on those feet, adding a heel and a buckle and a line around the top of the foot to show the shoe. A line around each thigh will give us a pair of simple stockings.   STEP 12. Then we're going to draw a zigzag line going around the thighs. This will be the bottom hem of a skirt.   STEP 13. Lines coming up from each of the high points will give us a sort of pleated/creased look in the skirt.   STEP 14. Now draw a shape that looks like the mouth of an upside down jar. These will be sleeves.   STEP 15. And then just a line around the cuff and add some fingers and we're done.   STEP 16. And that is how you draw anime legs. Don'g forget to post how yours came out.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15. Step 16.