How to Draw Anime Girl Faces

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STEP 1. Anime heads are different shapes depending on the show, animation company, or just by the style choice of the artist. They can be angular or curve slightly. They can be short or long, thing or round. Some might have more pronounced cheeks where as others, that detail might be more subtle. The face is divided vertically and horizontally. The nose and mouth go along the vertical line and the eyes go on the horizontal line.   STEP 2. Anime eyes also come in different styles and looks. Anime girl eyes are especially expressive, sowing alot of emotion. They tend to be large. Eyebrows are normally just a single line or sometimes just very thin and light.   STEP 3. Noses are simple as long as you get them placed right. Generally in anime, they are a triangle or just an angle in one direction or the other. You could also use a single line and a small dash, or just two dashes, to represent the nose.   STEP 4. The mouth is also very expressive and when closed, girl mouths will seems to be small. From grins and smirks, to grimaces and frowns and kissy lips. There are alot of different ways you can draw the mouth on a female character.   STEP 5. Now let's try some of these steps out. We're going to start with an oval and a line that we will use as a base for the head and the neck.   STEP 6. We'll go from there by drawing in the shape of the cheek, bringing it down into the point of the chin and then back up for the shape of the jaw.   STEP 7. We'll bring the neck down from there and bring the shoulders out just a little bit, bringing both sides down to a point like on a V-neck shirt.   STEP 8. Now we'll work our way back up, drawing the features of the face as we go. We'll start with the mouth and I'm gonna give her a small open mouth smile. When drawing anime, you do not have to close all the lines when drawing things like the mouth. You can leave them open if you want.   STEP 9. Then we'll draw in a little angle in for the nose and add a few dashes on the cheeks for a little extra details.   STEP 10. Now for the eyes. I start with the upper lid and then draw a line below it that will be the lower lid. Then within the area between them I draw in an oval or circle. I thicken out the upper lid and add a few lashes before adding in the eyebrows.   STEP 11. Now that the features of the face are down, we can start in on drawing the hair. We'll do the hair that frames the face first, drawing in what falls down by her ears and cheeks and her bangs.   STEP 12. Then we'll draw in the shape of the rest of the hair. I gave her a little headband. You can choose to draw that in as well if you like.   STEP 13. And there you have it. Feel free to try out different looks and styles until you get what you want.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13.