How to Draw an Anime Front Face

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STEP 1. Basic Skull Anatomy Of Front Face| When you're drawing the face shape of an anime character, it's important to understand the undermining functions that make the facials work and how they're placed. Here is an anime skull that is clearly much different than a normal human realistic skull. Look at how the eye sockets, take up 3/4 of the face and the mandibles, nasal bone, and teeth use up only a 1/4 portion of the face. It's critically important that you understand the very basic anatomy that creates the whole body in a working - functional manor.   STEP 2. Facial Proportions| Generally, in most anime that people are commonly interested in, is the style that have the exaggerated sized eyes, and lightly defined nose, mouth, and brows. If you're going to draw in that style, understand that the eyes take up 3/4 of the facial space, leaving 1/4 for the nose and mouth. Sometimes, the proportions become even smaller to 1/8 in 'overly exaggerated' styles. Whatever the case, try mixing and matching with various styles until you develop your own that you're comfortable with!   STEP 3. Try to get yourself familiarized with the various poses that you can stylize your character in. When you're illustrating a manga comic, you're going to have to get used to drawing numerous face positions. What if you don't know how to draw your character from the back or from the side? It's crucially important to 'speed sketch' your characters in a turn around of poses on a separate sheet, so you have a reference to turn to. This may be hard work, but by using lots of circles and guidelines, your flow will become much easier to progress with. To left: look how the heads are similar in shapes and proportions, and how the eyes are symmetrically similar if you drew a line across the three heads. Know that the ears are always the same height/length as the eyes.   STEP 4. Shadow Breakdown| Here's my basic breakdown on how I shade and highlight anime eyes. I start off with the simplest upper lid which dictates my next move wisely. I go ahead and add the inner iris and lower lid to add depth. Then, coloring around a previously framed highlight, I blur the solid white to get a faded effect. Erase out parts of white (or if drawing with pencil, use 'Whiteout' or white paint to add white highlights). This also dictates where my light source is coming from. You don't want to add too much whites! Finishing my eye, I go ahead and add longer lashes to create a more feminine look. It's that easy!   STEP 5. This step is for those that plan to draw a character with an intention clothing design, and want to shade/color their artwork. Remember that the direction will effect the shadows and reflective light on an object. Where ever your light source is hitting, that's what will indicate your highlights, shadows and reflective light.   STEP 6. Start off by sketching out the guide for the head, and the facial guidelines.   STEP 7. Draw the definition of the face or actual structure of this anime girl's face.   STEP 8. You will cap off the open area of the face by drawing in bangs for the hairstyle. You can choose to draw any anime hairstyle you wish.   STEP 9. Let's begin the process for drawing the anime eyes. Start with the thin eyebrows, then draw in the thick, chunky eyelid lines that are in a slant pose.   STEP 10. Finish the eye shapes and when you do so add some shading inside the eyeball right at the top edge.   STEP 11. Add the nose, mouth and blush marks on the cheeks.   STEP 12. Draw in the shape of the head which will also act as the hairstyle. You will then add the bumps for the ears.   STEP 13. Add the headband like so, then proceed to step fourteen.   STEP 14. Continue to draw in the long hair that has a razor cut style at the ends. This is also where you will sketch in her neck shape.   STEP 15. Lastly, draw the shoulders, arms, and shape of her torso. You will also sketch in some detailing at the base of her neck. Erase all the mistakes and guides.   STEP 16. Go ahead and color in your drawing of the anime face you created by using this lesson. I hope you enjoyed this tut, don't forget to upload your finished artwork.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15. Step 16.