How to Draw Lovers Tattoo

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STEP 1. Let's begin by drawing the two head guides for your figures. Sketch in the facial guidelines, then draw her neck line.   STEP 2. Begin sketching out the shape of the female's face structure which is done on a side view. The hairline, ear and lips should all be defined.   STEP 3. You can draw in her eyebrow and color it in as well. Draw the eyeball or shape of her eye, and be sure to add the eyelid so the expression is defined.   STEP 4. Finish drawing the eyes and add her lashes.   STEP 5. Detail inside of her ear, then sketch in the lips like so. Add a tear on her cheek too.   STEP 6. Some women have very long necks and others have shorter ones. I was thinking of my sister when I drew her neck which is long and slender. Draw in the shoulder and chest, then proceed to step seven.   STEP 7. We can proceed on with drawing the dudes head structure which is very strong, chiseled, and defined. Again, this person will be drawn on a side view angle.   STEP 8. Here all you have to do is draw in the male's face. Start with the eyebrow, then draw in the eye, nose, mouth/lips, then detail inside the ear. Add the definition on his neck, then proceed to step nine.   STEP 9. Here is your last step. As you can see the girl's hair blows not only around her head, but the hair also hugs her lover's neck. She has very long hair which seems to form a heart shape once it reaches the end. After this step is complete you can erase your mistakes and guides.   STEP 10. That's it, you are done. Color in your lovers and be on your way.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10.