How to Draw an Anime Dragon Girl

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STEP 1. First, start off with the basic guidelines in order to get this dragon girl proportionally accurate. You'll want to make sure that you draw these guidelines as lightly as possible in order to erase them easily once the next steps have been drawn. Take your time with these!   STEP 2. Next work on the face shape for the anime dragon girl. Her face shape should be nicely rounded but curved inward at the top so we can place her eyes in a nice perspective.   STEP 3. Now, let's draw the bangs for this anime girl, making sure that they are nicely edged in a razor like fashion. She is a dragon girl, so this means that her features should be sharp.   STEP 4. Then, we'll work on the eye shape for this dragon girl, starting with the upper lid first, then the actual iris. Once these parts are drawn as similar as the picture above, work on the slight lower lid and the tiny indent of mouth and nose.   STEP 5. Next, start off this step by drawing the top of her head which finishes the encirclement of her hair. Then, we'll work on the neck area which embodies her shoulder and breast line. Try to work on the shoulder first then the breasts.   STEP 6. Then, we'll work on the waist as well as her grooved back with the horns that travel through it. Take your time with this part and make sure each spike is aligned and proportionate with one another. Notice how they get bigger and smaller because of perspective.   STEP 7. Let's work on the butt cheeks and the hand which is lurking from behind her as well. Then we can finish off her tail.   STEP 8. Now, let's work on her overlapping wing. I like to start with the overlapping part first because you'll have a good understanding where the rest of it should be placed.   STEP 9. This may seem difficult, but it's not, I know it seems like a lot of hair but patience is key here. You don't want to rush and have totally estatic results. I'd always start with the outline of the flow of the hair, before I add the smaller defining details. Take your time and try to 'feel' the flow of the hair. once the hair has been drawn work on the horn.   STEP 10. Last, draw the rest of the wings and her tail which is curling upwards near the edge of the screen. You're almost done!   STEP 11. Before you move onto the inking phase (either by pencil or pen), make sure you revise your drawing by eliminating mistakes or proportion issues. If your drawing doesn't appear like this, that's totally fine, you can always retry the tutorial or make your own anime girl with similar features. I hope you guys had fun, thanks for viewing this tutorial. I can't wait to see your feedback!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11.