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STEP 1. First, start off with the basic guide lines. The lines are slanted horizontally and vertically, upward, and far off to the left. This is simply because the face is slightly facing upward, and Link is facing the left. I have also added the slanted line, for the ear placement. The line is slanted because ears are slanted. Lightly draw the lines.   STEP 2. Draw the head shape, nose, and mouth. Try to keep the shape of the head narrow as possible. Kinda warped, that way it'll give the illusion of him facing left.   STEP 3. Draw the ears, eyes, and neck. You can see the curve of the back neck because Link is facing upward and aggressively facing left. The eyes go inside the guidelines. Remember that the left eye will be shown half way, covered by the nose. Give the left eye a little warp effect, as well. Do not draw the eye outline, yet. Wait, for the next step.   STEP 4. Draw the eye outline, and finished adding a little more detail to the ears and neck.   STEP 5. Draw the hair. Notice that Link has a cowlick. The hair will look "swooshy" to the right, while the roots of the hair(cowlick) show on the left, but the bangs cover them, so no need to draw it(cowlick.)   STEP 6. Draw Link's sidebangs or sideburns (whatever you wanna call it.) Shouldn't be hard, but remember to draw the right sidebang over the lobe of the ear, JUST A TAD.   STEP 7. Draw Link's collar. Notice the right collar covers over part of Link's neck. You are also going to draw prep lines, for his shoulders(found just below a bit of his collar.)   STEP 8. finish off the shape of his collar. That triangular look is the shape of his tunics collar. Kinda like a V-neck T-shirt. We are also getting ready for the wrinkle caused by the strap. Be sure to draw the stitches that hook his neck collar in place.   STEP 9. Add some wrinkles into his neck collar. Be sure to make the wrinkles reasonably placed. We also drew some guidelines to prep, for the stitches(on the tunics collar.)   STEP 10. Draw the guidelines, for all three straps.   STEP 11. Draw the shape of the straps.   STEP 12. Add the buckles, design, and stretch marks of the straps.   STEP 13. We're transitioning to the shoulders. Be a little careful on not making them too big or small. The right shoulder should be past the right ear, a bit far, at least. The left shoulder should be a LITTLE far from the left size of Link's hair, at least. Also, finish off the details on the straps. I also added some wrinkle detail at the bottom of the V-neck. Presents the shape and stitching work.   STEP 14. Draw the shapes of his body(arms, torso, lower-end, etc.) Be sure to bring your clothes to life. Add wrinkles and don't focus on making the lines straight because it doesn't matter. Clothes are not straight(unless they're tights or something.) Link's clothes are loose, so try making them look a bit loose.   STEP 15. Add some extra clothing design to the tunic(the patches, shoulder pockets, chains, etc.)   STEP 16. Draw the sleeves and add extra details onto his clothing(stitches, etc.) Same principle goes for his sleeves. His sleeves are not tights, so be sure to add those wrinkles and make it look dangled.   STEP 17. We're now getting ready, for drawing the sword. Before we get dirty with more graphite on our palms, draw the guidelines of the sword, first.   STEP 18. Draw the scabbard(first) and then the bottom half of the cross-guard.   STEP 19. Finish off the cross-guard.   STEP 20. Draw the outline of the grip. Just keep in mind that we're only drawing the outline of things, so far(duh, huh?)   STEP 21. Draw the pommel.   STEP 22. Draw the details on the cross-guard, pommel and scabbard. Draw out the cloth handling on the grip. The cloth can be messy, so just scribble the lining as if you were drawing the hash-tag(#.)   STEP 23. Draw the shield. Don't forget the outline behind him, under his arm ;)   STEP 24. FINALLY DRAW THE HAT! Shouldn't be so hard. It's just a "woosh." I also forgot some stitches, so add those, if you forgot.   STEP 25. Clean up your sketch and wah-lah! You got yourself a sexy looking Link!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15. Step 16. Step 17. Step 18. Step 19. Step 20. Step 21. Step 22. Step 23. Step 24. Step 25.