How to Draw a Simple Spyro

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STEP 1. Step one, draw the guidelines. Draw a circle for the head, and a bean shape for the body. The head's circle should have a cross-hair to help you were to put the eyes and noes later on. Attach the two shapes with a simple line to give an idea where the neck should go.   STEP 2. Step two, draw a circle guideline to help you with the snout. Next draw three circles at the bottom of this body to help decide where the legs should be. I draw circles to help me get an idea were his shoulders are and were exactly to put his limbs without it looking odd. Then, draw smaller circles to help give an idea where the paws should be.   STEP 3. Step three, time to draw his head. Use the circle guide you drew in step one to give a basic idea on how the head should be, and also use the snout guide to give him a round and pointed snout. His cheeks should also be slightly pointy at the ends. For his nostrils, draw simple half like squares. Then draw two black circles for his eyes.   STEP 4. Next draw Spyro's signature mohawk and horns. The horns should be large and zigzag, large at the bottom of the horns and gets skinnier towards the end of his horns. Also add some lines across the horns to give it a little texture. The mohawk is a series of wavy triangles. The first 'triangle' it large, and as the go lower on his back they get smaller.   STEP 5. It is optional, but in the next step I added a mouth on him. For his body use the guide back in step one to help you out. The body is basically the same shape as the guide except you add his neck.   STEP 6. Step six, the legs. The legs should be stubby and small. Use the guides you drew back in step two to help you out where to put the legs. The legs should start out wide at the shoulder and smaller when it gets to his paws. For the paws add three little triangler like claws to each paw.   STEP 7. In step seven you want to add some lines around his belly to give him texture. Spyro also has triangular spikes going down his back. For the tail make sure it is thick when it starts out at the body and gets thinner towards at the end. His tail is usually up in the air rather then resting on the ground to help give him balance.   STEP 8. For the wings I lightly drew a guide to help me where the wings should be, and even if I cannot see the other wing I still draw it to make sure the anatomy makes sense. I will erase that guideline later. His wings are spiny and almost bat like.   STEP 9. Now that I have my guideline I can draw my wings! Each line indicates a section of the webbing of the wing. For a more in-depth tutorial for wings I suggest Dawns Dragon Wing Tutorial:   STEP 10. This is optional, but I drew Sparks, Spyro's sidekick friend flying aside him. Sparks is just a round head and a long stick like body with circle wings.   STEP 11. Step eleven, finally clean up your sketch and outline your drawing.   STEP 12. Step twelve, color! You can find references to Spyro's color palette all over the internet and games. He is a mix of purples and oranges.   STEP 13. Finally clean up and other sketch marks and shape up your drawing. I hope you enjoyed this tutorials and if you have any suggestions for tutorials fill free to ask me!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13.