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STEP 1. To begin, draw a long curled position line. This is going to present its snake-like body. Draw a circle at the tip of that line. As you can see there's a box at the tip of the circle. This will be the mouth.   STEP 2. Next, draw the cheek, eyebrow, and two rectangle-like boxes in that circle. A big poof oval is circled around the head. This is going to be the hair. A Chinese dragon has lots and lots of hair. Don't forget to draw the other two round circles at the end of the poof oval. This is going to be the body. Draw two small boxes on the side of the body and at the bottom of the poof oval. These are the hands. Lastly, draw another poof oval at the end of the dragon's tail.   STEP 3. Now we're going to flesh out the hair. Remember those two huge ovals as the body? We're going to places a long line of air streaming down those ovals. Draw two pegged fingers at the side of the dragon. Place an eye into the eyebrow and a doggy nose at the tip of its mouth. Look how cute he's coming along!   STEP 4. Now let's draw an eye and tongue for the dragon's face. Can you see those long lines coming from his face? Those are its whiskers. In order to draw a Chinese dragon, you must have these whiskers. They let people know that he's a true Chinese dragon. After that redraw that hairline coming from its back. Start drawing the rest of his tail big and plump. As you can see his tail is getting smaller as it reaches to the furry tip!   STEP 5. Now here's the fun part. We're going to draw two stubby legs. Since the dragon is flying, we're going to place his legs father in distance. Draw his gas sac under his neck and a big clump of fur at his chin. Make some small creasing lines at his tail. These creasing lines make your dragon seem 'fleshy'.   STEP 6. Then, make your finishing lines. I prefer to trace my drawings with black ink pens. At the tips of his hair are small lines. This is just added detail to make your dragon's hair seem like hair!   STEP 7. Erase your tracing lines, finish some little details, and your done! It's fun to draw Chinese dragons right?! Name your Chinese dragon a spiritual name (depending on his group.) After your done, color him some pretty blues, greens, and reds   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.