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STEP 1. The first thing you do in this step is draw your position line. then draw two oval circles that will be the head of the dragon. The long curved line is for the dragons body. These are called guidelines that will assist you on drawing the dragon a lot easier.   STEP 2. Next, draw two large oval circles for the frame of the dragon's body. Then draw two more smaller round circles that will be the small stubby limbs of the snow dragon. See your almost there already. This tutorial isn't so bad, right?   STEP 3. Now we're going to draw the wing. Now draw the cheek bone, eye brow, and mouth line on the dragon's face. Right now he looks like a big circle figure. Draw square-like triangles at the bottom of his arms. Don't forget the draw the calf at the edge of his leg!   STEP 4. Now let's flesh out his neck and puffed chest. Make your dragon's arms and legs muscular. You don't want him to support his big body with thin legs and arms, do you? It would make your dragon unrealistic. Let's switch to the face section. Draw an eye socket deep into his eyebrow. And the gas sack under his chin.   STEP 5. Now here's the fun part. Draw two cone shapes on his head. These are going to be the horn and ear. As you can see the forelegs of the dragon are big and bulky. This makes your dragon seem more boxy-like. Whatever the look make up a unique dragon. Draw a leg far in distance behind the dragon. This will give your dragon perspective. Now draw the tail. This dragon has a spade tail. Make up your own tail choice. Lastly, draw the wing's fingers and his muscle arms.   STEP 6. Then, draw the webbing for the dragon wings. Draw the horns and the twisty lines that wrap around them and inside details and definition of the ear. After you complete the top half of the sketch, start detailing the body by adding wrinkle lines and definition. Add an underside to his body. Now he looks kind of like a snake.   STEP 7. Add some thick scales and bumps on your dragon, to make him look poisonous. Draw the wrinkles in his wing.   STEP 8. Finally, make your finishing lines with black ink pen. Now he's the most beautiful dragon! WAIT! Add some color to the poor creature. He can't live on black and white! Paint him bright colors in order for him to look poisonous.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.