How to Draw a Dragon Basics


How to Draw a Dragon Basics 2
STEP 1. The dragon (in general.) Dragons are mythical beasts right? They are evil, rude, greedy, and remorseful? Excuse me! Did I just call my race remorseful and greedy!? The only creature I know of with those characteristics is the ‘noble’ griffon! Well not all dragons are full of greed and spite. Some are intelligent, happy, ‘noble,’ and dependable beasts. Just like me! I’m more of the artistic dragon! I may look like a mean-eating-machine, but don’t let my looks fool you! The point is all dragons can have different personalities. Colors can really show a dragon. Colors show a dragon’s personality! Colors anyone? A known feature you’ll notice about dragons is their color. Green shows that a dragon is intelligent, creative, and happy. Black defines a dragon as evil, greedy, and undead. Red gives a dragon a more cautious and noble feature as blue is of unhappy and somewhat sneaky. Purple, (my favorite) modifies a dragon as magical and powerful. Lastly, white ugh!!! I hate white! White shows a dragon as magical and lonely. These colors are in my personal opinion. Pick any color for a dragon that suits you well! ^_^ Ready for the next step?! Dragon detail. You’ve made it this far? Detail? Let’s proceed. Every dragon has unique patterns, limbs, and other features. Known features are frills and horns. Any dragon can have these looks right? Yes it’s true. I have tree horns and frills from neck to tail. Oh, I forgot about the mini horns the bottom of my jaw. Those count as well. Anyway, here at DragoArt, you will learn "how to draw a dragon step by step" and "how to draw dragons step by step". There are many shapes, sizes and colors to learn from all you have to do is pick up your paper and pencil and proceed on with the "free drawing lessons".   Step 1.