How to Draw a Gargoyle Dragon

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STEP 1. First begin with a circle. Add a long curvy line to represent the dragon's body movement.   STEP 2. (1&2) Next, add two large ovals. This resembles the dragon's torso and abdomen. (3) Also, add to your dragon a small boxy circle. This will be the dragon's snout.   STEP 3. (1) Then, insert a large tipped oval at the abdomen. (2) Next, add a small circle. Both of these shapes will be the leg and the arm.   STEP 4. If you look to where the dragon's head lays, you can see more additions. So, add a triangular tipped shape starting at the edge of the face building upward into the cheek. This is the dragon's ear. Insert a small nose hole at the top of the snout and a small line   STEP 5. Now we're starting to shape up the body and head more often. (1) As you can see, I added a large oval on top of the dragon's back. (2) There's a 90 degree angle starting from the distorted oval into a box topped oval(3). This is the wing (obviously). (4) At the bottom of the image, is a another triangle tipped shape. This is the foot of the dragon. (5) Overlooking the arm, is a line running down into a square. This the dragon's paws. (6) Now we're going to to create the neck. (7) Back to the head, we're going to trace the eyebrow down on top of the nostrils. (8) Also I added a ridge around the nose. (9) As you can see I shaped the mouth better. The jaw is pulled under from the top of the lip. Wow, now its starting to turn into a dragon!   STEP 6. The most important aspect of a dragon is their realism. This small fold is the dragon's large fire sac (enables it to breath fire.) It also contains the dragon's strength to roar. When a dragon breathes an elemental breath, this sac expands with its element. This sac kind of reminds me of the ancient dinosaurs. All dinosaurs had this flabby bulge at their throat ^_^   STEP 7. Now, start building up the wing. Wings can come in all different poses. The most complex poses can be hard to draw but very interesting to look at. This wing will have an excellent pose. (1)Draw two bent fleshed out lines. (2)From where the second line (on the right), draw a curve growing outward into the back. (3)In the back of the wing is a faded out one. This looks like a fat banana. (4&5)Next add some toes and talons to your dragon's feet. (6)Start to trace out the tail too. (7)Oh yeah, add two long horns from its head. (8)As you can see I finished the back of the neck.   STEP 8. A useful tip for the wing is its muscle. ^Above is an image that will explain why you need muscle for your dragon's wings.   STEP 9. Another useful tip when drawing wings is rips and tears. These rips and tears gives your dragon age and character. If a dragon is young and has rips in its wings, that means it has been through a fight.   STEP 10. Add some addition details like muscles in the legs and arms, rips in the wings, frills on the tail, hair on the dragon's neck, and skin over the talons. *Most gargoyles have hair covering their neck. I don't know why though. ^_^   STEP 11. *Barbed tail tip! Barbed tails is fun. When drawing a barbed tail make it look very sharp and cautious. You also have to make it similar to a nail. A barbed tail can be brightly colored. Why? Because it warns its enemies that it can be poisonous and dangerous.   STEP 12. Finish up your unwanted lines and you should come out with something like this. ^   STEP 13. Here's the colored version. Come join dragoart and submit your own tutorials that I can comment on! Uploading tutorials is so easy! I love this place! Next tutorial is how to draw a Unicorn.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13.