How to Draw a Unicorn

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STEP 1. (1)Start with a circle and a box for the mouth. (2)Then draw the unicorn's line of position.   STEP 2. (1)Now draw a large oval, this will be the chest and stomach. (2)Then add a smaller oval for the abdomen.   STEP 3. (1)Draw a long straight line down towards the ground. This will be little unicorn's forelegs. (2)Draw a bented back line, this will be the unicorn's backlegs. (3)Oh, add a small circle crested into that empty oval. This is the eye.   STEP 4. (1)Draw the horse's neck. First, start it from the oval and then flesh it out into the large oval. (2)Start shaping out the snout. (3)Add a triagle for the ears. Continuing from that triangle, add a long curved line extending to the back of the oval.   STEP 5. *Snout tips: There are two ways drawing horse snouts. You have the realistic snout and the cartoony snout. In my case we're using the cartoony snout.   STEP 6. (1)Remember that lone line that represented the unicorn's foreleg? Well now we're back to draw more of it. Add a small oval at the bottom of the chest. At the end of the line add a box shape. This shape will be the unicorn's hoof. (2)Add another box shape at the end of the backleg's line. This is the uni's backleg foot. (3)Add a large oval for the uni's backleg. Along with that, add a smaller oval at the end of the bent backleg.   STEP 7. (1)Start with a billowy tail for your mythical beast. Be sure its nice and layered! Fluffy tails give your unicorn a realistic look. (2)Add the second backleg. (3)Add a curved line attaching to the creature's backleg. (4)Do the same with the back. (5)Once again add the second foreleg. This gives your creature more perspective and balance.   STEP 8. (1)My favorite part is the creature's beautiful mane. Make the mane real fluffy for realism! (2)Add some hair on the backside of the uni's face. Wow, its starting to shape into a unicorn! (3)Draw the eye in more detail.   STEP 9. (1)Start with a cone atop of the unicorn's head. This is the horn. (2)Add muscles to that foreleg. This makes its movement more believable. You can't have twig like forelegs. (3)Add more muscles to that backleg. If you noticed, the hoofs have these fluffy hairs covering them. All unicorns have this because it makes them look so elegant. But you can have hairless hoofs too. (4)Start sketching out details in the hairs of the tail too!   STEP 10. Now erase all those unwanted lines and you'll end up with this beautiful lineart.   STEP 11. With coloring skills in photoshop, your unicorn will have tons of character depending on their color. My lil' uni is a Peppermint Unicorn. Look how pretty!^_^ Join Dragoart and add your own tutorials that I can check out! Upload your tutorials step by step using a premade tutorial form!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11.