How To Draw A Mermaid

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STEP 1. First, begin with a small circle and a long hooked curve. This is the line of position the mermaid is in.   STEP 2. Add a line for the shoulders where the neckline ends. This is the mermaid's shoulders. Also add a straight line that indicates the mermaid's hips.   STEP 3. Start drawing a long box-like shape beneath the shoulders lines for the torso. This is the mermaid's beautiful figurine! Now add a fat tail curving like a hook. This is the maiden's lustrous tail.   STEP 4. Add two coconut circles for the mermaid's chest. Lol! These are her breasts. At the end of that hook shaped tail add a hood shape. This is the mermaid's main fin for her swimming capabilities. You got to make this fin big so it seems realistic for her to swim. A small fin will make your mermaid seem weak.   STEP 5. Start shaping up that beautiful mermaid-ish torso. All you have to do is give those plain lines some shape and beauty.   STEP 6. Next, shape up that fat tail. We're going to make it thinner and filled with movement! Don't make your mermaid stiff as a board with no sense of movement. It will make your art very boring. It doesn't matter how beautiful its drawn or colored.   STEP 7. In back of that empty head add this big fluffed shape. This is our beauty's desirable hair. Along with that add some indication of toned abs in the stomach area. What you want to do: right in the middle of the chest and stomach add a motion line that gives your mermaid motion. Where the tail is make some lines that give her tail the muscles to swim.   STEP 8. Add more detail to her hair. Long locks of detail makes it more realistic. We will also create her hand. I'm not so good at hands but I try.   STEP 9. Give her hand some more detail as well as her hair. If you want to know how to draw mermaid faces, go to my other tutorial under mermaids:faces.   STEP 10. Now erase all those un-needed lines and you have a beautiful mermaid. I added a lovely dolphin in back of her. My other tutorial that I will make will be how to draw this dolphin a perfect companion to the mermaids.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10.