How to Draw a Red Dragon

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STEP 1. Draw a circle for the dragon’s head and the line of position.   STEP 2. (1) Draw the top jaw, you must make this jaw aligned with the bottom jaw (2) Draw the bottom jaw and be sure it’s aligned with the top. You don’t want your dragon to have uneven jaws. Some dragons do though. But that gives you an evil, backbiting, beast!   STEP 3. (1) Draw the triceps of the dragon. Make sure it is muscular so it can hold that big body. (2) Start sketching out the shoulder blade using a small circle. (3) To help you balance the shoulders, draw this line straight. This will make your dragon’s shoulders even. (4) Draw the left side of the shoulder beginning with a circle.   STEP 4. (1&2) don’t get confused! These cone shaped pieces of mass are the dragon’s wings biceps. Make them plump at the sides because it will make your dragon’s flight more believable. Remember, when you have everything believable about your image, it makes the picture extremely realistic. (3) Draw a fat shape as the dragon’s leg and knee. (4) Ah, about the red dragon’s special tail! Draw a spade shape for now.   STEP 5. (1) Draw a small curved line starting from the triceps to the leg. (2) Draw the eyebrow. (3) Then draw the eyeball… (4) Ah, for some excellent perspective, add a hint of the tail curving in back of the rock. I love using this technique!   STEP 6. (1&2) add a pair of hands cupped around the sides of the rock. These will make the dragon look real dominant compared to others. (3&4) also add a pair of elbows to the wings. Wow, its coming along to look like a dragon!   STEP 7. (1) Add some more detail to that eyeball. (2) Start tracing over the jaws to create a proper mouth. (3&4) start tracing the lines over again to create better triceps and biceps. (5&6) Let’s start to draw the thumbs of the wings. These have to be a reasonable size for the wings. A dragon will use these thumbs to grasp onto things easily. They could be flying or walking. Wyverns have pairs of long stronger wing thumbs to walk and fly. Wyverns don’t have forelegs like the dragon. They are also stupider than dragons. See how it’s coming out just like a red dragon?! Excellent! Let’s continue to draw more.   STEP 8. (1&2) Draw wing membrane from the crevice of the biceps and triceps to the wing thumb. This is an awesome wing position! The tip of the wings will overlap the rest of the wings. It’s hard to explain but you’ll see. (3&4) Start drawing the wing fingers. Make them long so the wing looks long. They kinda look like claws.   STEP 9. (1&2) draw the pair of hands more detailed with claws. See how these are looking vicious? That’s excellent. (3) Draw the teeth of the jaws. Make them semi sharp. Not too sharp! (4) This curvy shape will be the frills attached to neck. They don’t quite look like it though. Don’t worry; they’ll get more ‘dragony’! (5) Make the knee at the top of the leg. Make it look bulged to give your dragon a 3-D look. (6) Add some more detail to that eye, like a pupil.   STEP 10. (1&2) thicken those wing fingers. Try and make them bony too. Wing fingers are actually like a stretched human hand! Well think of a bat. Their wing fingers have these bony bumps in the middle of them. (3&4) Start sketching out the membrane between the wing fingers. Whoa! Look at that dragon turn into, well, a dragon!   STEP 11. Finally, add additional details to the dragon. This include folds and creases in the wings and tail tip, horns at the top of the tail, lines showing muscle in the body, facial details, and better detail in the neck frills. This dragon looks awesome! Look how cool it came out! It’s alive! The red dragon is now a dragon of the volcanoes.   STEP 12. Erase all those unwanted lines and you’ll end up with this work of line art. I usually trace over my lines with ballpoint pen and then scan it. After that I put it in adobe and sketch it out with my wacom tablet to make the lines sharp and thin. Hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Sign up at and post your own tutorials that I can view and learn from! I would love to rate them too. When you do become a member, rate my tutorial!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12.