How to Draw Tom Cruise

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STEP 1. First start off with an oval shape, this will be Toms head.   STEP 2. Next start doing a rough skecth of his hair line. This will improve with following steps.   STEP 3. Then start by drawing an oblong shape which will be his infamous nose. Then start to draw his eye lining.   STEP 4. Next draw the shapes for Tom Cruise's mouth and eyebrows which will take on more form later in this rough sketch. Draw his nostrils and eyeballs. Right now use lines for Tom's eye lids.   STEP 5. Next start drawing the little details like the lines around his mouth and eyes. As you can see it is starting to look more like Tom Cruise with every step.   STEP 6. Now what you do is put some shape in his hair, eyebrows, chin, eyes and you can even add the lines for his teeth. He's coming along nicely.   STEP 7. Let's add some more detail to that forehead. Since Tom is getting older, he must have wrinkles. For instance, lining in his forehead, deeper mouth lines, chin clif, dimples, and wrinkles at the sides of those slanted eyes. Now let's outline his boxy face a little more. And add Tom Cruise's ear! He can't have an egg face.   STEP 8. Wow ^_^ Its starting to look like Tom Cruise! Give him a neck and shirt. You can't have a floating head! Another thing about men, they have visible signs of an adams apple. Add more details to that ear.   STEP 9. Wow! Tom Cruise is in town! You just drew your very own Tom Cruise! Next time we will draw his wife Kate Holmes. Lets throw some confetti! Don't forget to erase those unwanted lines and you should come out with this fine lineart! Enjoy! Also join and submit your own tutorials, using a premade tutorial form.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.