How to Draw a Dolphin

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STEP 1. Start with an oval. This is the base of the dolphin's body. Following these steps will make your dolphin in perfect shape.   STEP 2. Next, let's add a long pointy shape for the dolphin's base of the head. Make this long and slightly rounded at the tip. At the back of the oval will be the dolphin's tail. For now begin with two lines aligned with each other.   STEP 3. Now start drawing the dolphin's pectoral fins (flippers). To start, use two lines aligned from each other, just like step 2. At the top of the dolphin's body we will begin to draw the dorsal fin. This must be in balance with the body. Don't draw it too far from the head. Next, let's start to draw the little guy's flukes (tail fins). What I find hard when drawing dolphins, is the flukes. They have to be portioned right to give it that 3-D look.   STEP 4. Start drawing more to the dolphin's face. We will draw its melon like head. Start with an oval first. Then start shaping up the pectoral fins and the dorsal fin. As you can see, the tail fin is starting to come along nicely. For this quick and easy technique, just attach those lines with a curve.   STEP 5. Now add some finishing details to that dolphin. For example, the eye, the head, mouth, and the tail. If you look to where the dorsal fin is, you see a long line at the top of the body. I use this to give my dolphin a muscular look.   STEP 6. Now erase those un-needed lines and you'll end up with this clean artwork. Look how pretty it looks! I know it looks a little scary and sick but when you color it, it will look better. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Sign up a and submit your own tutorial that I can view and learn.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.