How To Draw A Werewolf

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STEP 1. Begin with a small circle and an oval around that circle. This will be the head and body.   STEP 2. Now we will add the werewolf’s shoulders. Where the head is, add two long ovals and one large rectangle in the middle of those. Right now the image looks nothing like a 'werewolf' He will shape up into one soon.   STEP 3. Now on the left shoulder we will add a line straight down until it reaches the small oval. The line continues into a softly rounded triangle. This is the werewolf’s arm and hand. Now towards the head area, add a curved snout to that nose. See how the head is turning wolfish.   STEP 4. Now we will do the legs. Add two large ovals at the sides of the body. The large oval the right will give your werewolf perspective. This leg's knee will seem like its popping towards you. This is a simple technique. Now, start shaping the beast's buttocks. Now he looks so swift and far.   STEP 5. We will start sketching out the abs. For starters, add a curled line and smaller lines aligned across with it. At the left leg, draw the crease where the leg meets. Along with that add the paw. On the left side of the leg, sketch out the shin. Now look at his muscular appearance. Such appealing beast! Jp!   STEP 6. Let’s start going over that muscular arm. Now we will sketch out the paws of the hand and back legs. Start shaping those buttocks as well. My favorite part is fleshing out the tail. I enjoy doing this because of the fluffiness. I'm going over the hands and paws very carefully so I’m not missing any flaws.   STEP 7. Start fluffing up those shoulders with big masses of fluffy fur. This makes my werewolf cute and mean at the same time. Now I'm going to add some more detail that that eye and ears. I am also shaping that mouth and cheek bone. See how I'm shaping the face? This werewolf is coming along nicely. Isn't this easy?   STEP 8. Start fixing up those paws and draw the belt to that stomach. Add some more muscles the legs and arms.   STEP 9. Clean up your line work and you should come out with something like this. Submit your own werewolf at Submit your own tutorials and let me learn from you. Have fun drawing your monstrous werewolves!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.