How to Draw Brad Pitt

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STEP 1. Draw a perfect oval shape. This will be brad pitts head.   STEP 2. Then make two smaller oval shapes that have a bit of a slant to them. This is the lining of his sexy looking eyes. After that make a long triangle shape this is the lining for his nose.   STEP 3. We move on now to forming the lines for his eye brows and mouth. his brows have a low arch to them, so be sure to arch your lines for the brows. Next his mouth lines, he has full lips, this means the shape of the mouth will seem large.   STEP 4. Now we can start detailing and adding more shape to the lines we previously made. With the eyes make the lines bolder. Then move down to give his nose a more realistic shape. Make another lining above his brows. Also put the line between his lip but make the bottom half a bit larger than the top.   STEP 5. Clean up your sketch a bit by removing some lines around the eyes. Make indents on top and below his mouth. put extra lines to form the brows a bit more. Don't forget the pupils. Draw the circles in his eyes as well.   STEP 6. Brad has a bad boy image to him, so just look over your sketch and clean up some unwanted lines that you no longer need for guidence.   STEP 7. We can start to add his pupils and the actual shape of his face. He has a strong square jaw line, so be sure to emphasize that as well. Place shapes for his ears and add his hair.   STEP 8. Now lets add some dimples, lines in the forhead and a little puffyness to under his eyes. It's already looking like Brad.   STEP 9. Now were going to add his,neck and lip lining. You also want to detail his eyes more. Remember Brad Pitt is a stud, so he has to look his best. Give him a nice suit. I also powdered his eyes a light blue, he has beautiful eyes try to express that in this part of the sketch.   STEP 10. Well here he is the hunkiest of the hunks! Isn't he gorgeous. Nice suit too. Just clean up your sketch and add a little shading to the sides of his nose. That's it! Your done yaaayyyy!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10.