How to Draw a Seal

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STEP 1. Now, I know this image looks awkward right now but it'll turn into a cute image soon. Right after these steps and you'll have a cutie. Start with a large circle, and two oval like shapes added to the the circle. This will resemble our seal's head...the base of the cuteness.   STEP 2. Encircle the bottom of the seal's head with this large oval shape. This will the creature's stubby body.   STEP 3. Draw two long triangular shapes for the flippers of the seal. Hey, the seal needs to move and swim right? I know, lets draw 'the Armless Seal'! It'll be fun and a become new species! No, just playing. Shall we proceed?   STEP 4. Erase those unwanted lines with an eraser and you'll end up with a cuddly bunny funny stubby seal! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Join and submit your own tutorials. Also comment and rate tutorials! I hope you'll join so I can rate your art! TOODLES!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.